About Me


I started out my career in a Print Design Firm laying out Quark Express documents for leaflets and CD-Covers. There I got introduced to Flash 2.5 for various website projects we were building for music artists. I created a lot of Freehand illustrations assets for the sites. A year later I started at Tribal DDB (which was called Billco at the time) and from then on worked on purely digital projects. I developed a passion for animation, in particular I enjoy beautiful created and illustrated animations. Given the time and reference I can pretty much reproduce anything in vector/photoshop/flash timeline.

I produced a lot of stop frame vector animations out of Freehand, i love Freehand’s multiple pages! Over the years I have build and designed a lot of Online Advertising and am fully accustom to its file size issues and frame rate performance issues, but its been a while since i last worked on comps.

As you can only do so much with manually placed items on the timeline i started learning ActionScript in Flash 4, which lead to AS2 and now Object Orientated Programming AS3. I worked on various Flex projects and am also fairly fluent in skinning the flex components. I adapt to any framework and have worked with Springseed, Lowra, PureMVC but i prefer RobotLegs with pure ActionScript projects. Most of our projects need to be multi-lingual and I’m used to working with large projects, the different font & character set issues per language and creating content, which the local markets need to be able to re-create, therefore understand, translate and adapt to their needs.

I don’t describe myself as a Programmer, even though I pretty much can grasp it, I was looking at Objective C for the iPhone but its to much on the hard core programming side for me with its memory management and long winded way of doing simple things.

I think very logically and have a Math approach to life. But to elaborate more on not being a programmer: I still haven’t mastered touch typing, thank God for spell complete. I love my Mouse, keyboard shortcuts and dock, what’s Quicksilver anyways? But this means I am not precious about my code – the visual results count for me – and that’s what makes it easy for me to work with other programmers and vise versa.

My main strength is not in design either, even though i can design and i have a good eye for design and like things to be right and 100% and it irritates me when its not.

Instead I’m a hybrid sitting on the fence, which enables me to step into either discipline or be the bridge between the two, as long as it has animation and interaction and as long as it makes sense. I’m a interactive designer that takes pleasure from creating pleasing, beautiful, working and worthwhile applications and experiences.

BA Hons Graphic & Media Design 1995-1998
Foundation in Art & Design 1994

Tribal DDB, Paddington 2000-present
EyeToEye, Kensington 1999-2000

Flexbuilder (if i really have to)
QuickTime Pro